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We provide organizations financial leadership with a strategic and operational focus by using our partner network of elite CFO talent to challenge the business and contribute to operational decisions to achieve results.

With our curated talent, our financial leaders guide small and medium-sized businesses through complex financial problems to mitigate risk and achieve organizational goals.


Engagement Approaches

Professional Services

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Executive Services

Assuming the role and title of CFO.

Fractional Leadership

Part-time leadership models (20-80%) where experience cannot be compromised, but full-time dedication is not necessary or affordable.

Interim Leadership

Project-based, Situational Leadership & Advisory

Provide assessments, buy-side due diligence, sell-side representation, focused mentoring, and leadership and/or guidance on critical financial initiatives.  Talent is available on a fractional or interim basis.

Full-time leadership responsibilities to assume an unplanned or forced vacancy.

Owners & CEOs –

Don’t fly blind, know what your instruments are telling you.

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Experienced Leadership

SeatonHill talent is extraordinary. Our team hails from some of the most significant and impactful companies in the world backed by the full resources of our firm:

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  • What does SeatonHill do?
    We provide seasoned financial executives for both fractional and interim CFO responsibilities, as well as experienced talent for professional services to address pressing project-based situational leadership and financial advisory needs.
  • How do I know I need your services?
    If you are not sure or thinking about the need for a CFO, here are key indicators that you may need our services: - Have the financial and accounting requirements of your business grown beyond your knowledge and comfort zone? - Are your meetings to review the financial performance focused on the What and not Why? - Is your company struggling with what the key performance indicators should be? - Do you have a complex product or service offering? - Do you feel financially unprepared to cope with an economic downturn? - Is your company in the state of rapid growth or expansion? - Are you seeking merger and acquisition opportunities or investors or bank funding or an exit strategy?
  • What is a Fractional CFO?
    A Fractional CFO is a seasoned finance executive providing technical and fiduciary expertise that brings both strategic and operational guidance to a company on a part-time basis. This role is responsible for financial reporting, controllership and compliance and investor relations.
  • What does a Fractional CFO do?
    A Fractional CFO will first assess your current business goals, market conditions, company strengths and opportunities while using financial data to challenge the business and contribute to operational decision making. This guidance can be used as a catalyst for driving business transformation and link strategic objectives with the financial goals of the business.
  • What is the role of a Fractional CFO?
    A Fractional CFO provides strategic leadership as a business partner, communicator, and cross-functional influencer. This role provides operational support by providing data analysis and guidance on profit improvement. Fractional CFO talent also provides organizational controls by identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risk.
  • Do you only provide Fractional CFO Talent?
    We provide executive services in the form of both fractional leadership and interim leadership when there is a vacancy due to an unplanned or forced vacancy in financial leadership. Additionally, we provide professional services for project-based, situational leadership and advisory roles for tasks such as buy-side due diligence, sell-side representation, focused mentoring, and guidance on critical financial initiatives.
  • I am interested in retaining a SeatonHill Partner. What’s next?
    Contact us today so we can understand your needs. We will assess your wants and needs and present you with exceptional options of talented financial experts available for on-site or remote work.


Today’s CFO is more than a number-cruncher or a reporter of financial information.

We provide talent to serve as strategic partners and add value to the organization. We often assume multiple roles as both CFO & COO with direct responsibility for non-financial areas including operations, human resources and information technology.

SeatonHill is Where You Are

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