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We're always looking for Partners
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Our Partners join SeatonHill for many reasons. Some enjoy the opportunity for stability by continuing to make a difference with a few clients on a semi-permanent basis, and some enjoy the flexibility of working part-time. Some like the opportunity to work with multiple clients 5+ days a week. Others enjoy the benefit of being independent, but with the marketing resources and team of a large firm. All appreciate that they have an entire firm with full-time business development support.

Partners tend to stay with SeatonHill because of our collegial “Partners Helping Partners” culture. Unlike other firms with their loose federations of individual contractors, we are all equity Partners. We combine the thought leadership and support of a closely-knit partnership of top CFOs nationwide to benefit every client. We like each other and we help each other, not only as sounding boards for our ideas, but also with technical, industry-specific, or other experienced advisory matters, and by maintaining a high level of consistent networking as ambassadors for the firm. We are all responsible to ensure that this culture continues to thrive.

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If you are interested in learning more about the career opportunities with SeatonHill and you have a minimum of 20 years’ financial leadership experience including years of experience in several executive-level CFO roles, please submit your resume and information below.

"Helping businesses going from a great idea to a great company."
– Martha Parker, Partner

"I think it's a wonderful situation for a finance professional who is in the second-half of their career and is looking for something different to do versus being in the corporate grind."  
– Lyle Newkirk, Partner

"What impressed me was the quality of partners out there. Very high talent group of people so it's real special to be a part of that group."  
– Jay Goethal, Area Managing Partner

"I chose this work (CFO Consulting) because I am not ready yet to hang up my skates. I have much more to offer and I like learning new situations and figuring out solutions. The variety is attractive. I chose SH because it is young and growing. I feel like I can help build something. I like having a sense of community and definitely appreciate any sales & marketing assistance"
– Tom Fink, Partner

"Mentoring, developing and presenting opportunities, collaboration among partners."
– Jack McGovern, Area Managing Partner

"The culture here is and was very intentional. We started out just in Dallas and met weekly together. It was just a group of six or seven that finally became I think about 13 to 14 of us, very close and almost family.  When we decided to get larger we wanted to preserve that culture and that's what we call partner helping partner. It's a partners partnership we all have. We all own the company and we help each other. It's a very collegial and where it's going is to stay the same. I think that's what's pretty remarkable. "  
– John Ball, CEO

"I own part of it, the ability to work on a number of different clients/industries and my fellow partners."
– Chas Michel, Partner

"Flexibility. Ability to consult and work with exceptional talent. Benefit of having less day-to-day responsibilities to focus on more important value-added responsibilities."
– Ralph Salamone, Partner

Our Team
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What you need to succeed as a SeatonHill Partner


20+ years financial leadership experience including years of experience in executive-level CFO roles, preferably with deep industry expertise.


We are our firm's brand ambassadors in the market – an active, growing professional network is a must.

Financial Independence 

You’ll enjoy a generous share of the revenue for work you do for clients, but there is no base pay while you’re not engaged.

SeatonHill Partners are:

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  • Financial leaders with 20+ years experience most recently in an executive-level CFO role

  • Limited partners and equity owners of the firm

  • Empowered to choose when, where and how much they work

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