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We are a strategic partner for companies with operations abroad or looking to expand internationally, providing highly experienced CFO talent to accomplish your vision and mitigate risks.

International Expertise

We Give You a Distinct Advantage for Navigating Complex International Markets

International Portfolio Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Import/Export

  • New Markets

International Finance

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Taxation

  • Foreign Currency Considerations

  • Multi-currency Reporting

International Operations

  • Offshoring Decision Support

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Infrastructure Concerns

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Regulatory Environment

Global Expertise

  • International Networks

  • Business Practices

  • Cultural Norms

  • Crisis Management

  • Multilingual

Key Areas of Concern for International Businesses

Legal & Regulatory Environment

There are a multitude of factors to consider from a regulatory and legal perspective. •Intellectual Property: Have you identified a means to safeguard intellectual property in foreign countries? SeatonHill can provide guidance and resources for the best ways to protect the value of your company’s intellectual property. •Privacy Concerns: We can evaluate and implement options to protect sensitive company and customer information from financial and legal perspectives. •Staffing Concerns: We have the expertise to assess the costs and benefits of various staffing needs and considerations, such as local vs offshore hiring or in-house vs outsourcing. •International Laws: We can review the financial implications of international law requirements, particularly in tax and cash repatriation, helping your company avoid potentially harmful situations.

Risk Management

How exposed is your company abroad? Our highly experienced CFOs can assess and mitigate risk in critical areas such as: •Geo-political issues •Regulatory requirements/local compliance •Cybersecurity/threat protection •Foreign exchange risk •Rate fluctuations •Protection of intellectual property

Taxation Issues

International tax is complex. Tax laws continue to evolve, so planning ahead is vital for international tax compliance. We have expert resources to help guide companies with the following: •Tax legislation in the foreign entity •Transfer pricing of goods and services (international tax treaties are negotiated separately for each country) •Multiple taxation in home and foreign entity •Multiple taxation on expatriates

Communication Considerations

Speaking the language is undoubtedly necessary for understanding a local team, especially for leadership. Many of our international CFOs are multilingual and can provide expertise for cultural norms, which are very important in messaging and evaluating local practices but can vary dramatically. Our Partners also have experience with long-distance management, successfully handling time zone concerns and setting up appropriate meeting times that work for all parties, having the flexibility to join calls outside of regular business hours.


We can help your company successfully execute strategies to help mitigate risks and reduce costs with consideration for the following: •Fully burdened labor cost calculation •Cost/Benefit analysis •RFP process management •Contract negotiation •Headcount/Overhead analysis •KPI development/measurement for financial, operational, and customer satisfaction •Performance monitoring

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Gayle Anderson

Gayle is an award-winning CFO with over 30 years of experience specializing in strategic planning, M&A, global finance and accounting operations, and systems implementation. Her executive experience includes operational responsibility for businesses in Latin America, Japan, and Canada. Gayle has a broad background in the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit. She has served in executive officer and leadership roles for an array of organizations, including PE-backed companies, technology, entertainment and media, SaaS, Power Management, and Big 4 Accounting. As Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Global Finance, for an international online dating platform, Gayle was involved in all strategic decisions including marketing, product, business intelligence, and acquisitions. She closed 5 acquisitions and 1 divestiture within 2 years, 3 of which were complex international transactions. She also divested the European business in exchange for 27% ownership in a publicly traded French company and exercised the option to make a tender offer for remaining shares achieving a 25% return in 2 years.  Gayle has also served on several boards and has received recognition as the 2008 CFO of the Year for Mid-Size Public Companies by the Dallas Business Journal, DCEO Magazine 2017 & 2018 Non-Profit CFO of the Year Finalist, and DCEO Magazine 2022 Outstanding CFO of the Year for Mid-Size Companies Finalist.


José G. Catão

José Catão is a highly accomplished, senior financial executive with a strong strategic background and a broad business perspective. He has an extensive International background, with over 3 decades of key leadership experience across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia and has lived in six countries across four continents. Jose is known for dealing effectively with both the big picture and the small details, forging close relationships with team members at all levels, and managing multiple tasks while thriving in complex environments with multiple priorities.  He has vast expertise in strategy, operations, forecasting, FP&A, reporting, M&A, international finance, and treasury and a history of working in the fast-moving consumer goods, health, wellness, and fitness industries.

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Susan Echard

Susan has over 35 years of experience, both domestic and international, within Big Four and CFO roles. Susan has conducted an Initial Public Offering as well as a Private Placement Offering, playing an integral role in the development of the S-1 Registration Statement, as well as the Investor presentation deck for road show and investor relations presentations. She has also taken the lead in large-scale financing and SEC filings with numerous companies.  Susan has successfully raised over $250 million in private equity, facilitated over $300 million in credit, and spearheaded two company exits. She led the implementation of ERP, accounting, and tax compliance platforms and created efficient processes that enhanced internal controls in the accounting functions of many organizations through the consolidation of disparate reporting systems and the establishment of effective metrics and KPI reporting. Susan has also served in Finance leadership roles for several international SaaS organizations. She has been responsible for international country statutory filings, worldwide accounting, accounts receivable/payable, general ledger, payroll, and financial planning and analysis. Susan led the acquisition of 2 international software companies in China and Slovakia, streamlined treasury and cash forecasting, and provided weekly/monthly reporting and analysis to the company’s private equity partner.


Mary Lay Hoitt

Mary is an accomplished executive with over 25 years in CFO and VP of Finance roles serving both public and private firms, from early-stage start-ups to global companies, with annual revenues of over $300 million. She has restructured and turned around numerous distressed entities, including 3 mergers and 1 management buy-out within the U.S., and 8 acquisitions and 3 divestitures for European and South American corporations. Mary successfully raised more than $50 million in PIPE financing for several public companies and over $20 million of equity capital for various private firms. Her industry experience includes high-tech and medical device manufacturing, computer software, supply chain management, and commercial and residential property management.


Robert Kiehnle

Bob is a successful financial leader with a proven track record of delivering positive change and organizational growth. Throughout his four-decade career, he has served as a CFO, VP of Finance, and Executive Consultant where he garnered extensive experience in M&A, debt refinancing, and raising capital. Bob helped facilitate the acquisition or investment in over 25 entities and has helped raise or restructure over $2 billion in capital in both debt and equity markets. He has successfully implemented ERP systems and instituted internal and process control measures for multiple firms. His international experience includes the acquisition of two companies in Canada, raising railcar debt in Japan, and traveling to attempt the acquisition of logistics companies in Hong Kong.


Shyamal Parikh

Shyamal is a highly accomplished, international financial executive with a strong history of directing fiscal activities in organizations from start-up to $16B in revenue. He has experience in Private Equity, Private and Publicly held companies in a variety of positions. Shyamal is adept at implementing strategies, improving efficiency, M&A, and data analytics with a solid track record in problem-solving and implementing effective solutions to achieve desired results. His extensive international experience includes reducing manufacturing costs in a factory in China by $1M and increasing the competitiveness of facilities in the Philippines.  Shyamal also sits on the board of a Credit Union.


Brett Beemer

For nearly two decades, Brett has served a diverse clientele, both in the US and abroad, where he developed finance teams, maintained procedural excellence, and drove profitability. In addition to for-profit organizations, Brett has extensive experience with global not-for-profit businesses, helping them to establish a proper legal and organizational structure to ensure long-term, scalable success. Brett has also served as CFO for the first national fast-food chain in the Middle East.


Peter Collins

Peter is a financial executive and CPA with global experience in strategic and organizational planning, risk management, treasury management, tax planning, and mergers & acquisitions. He began his career with a Big 4 Accounting Firm and he is experienced in the manufacturing, distribution, real estate, and construction fields. Peter was brought in as the CFO at a newly acquired spin-off of a Fortune 500 company (an international manufacturer of industrial products). Peter created the accounting, IT, and HR functions, as well as serving as Secretary and Treasurer of the organization. Overseeing the foreign accounting functions of the units in Mexico, the UK, Germany, India, China, and Singapore, he created a currency hedging strategy to offset foreign exchange gains and losses. Peter created the firm’s Risk Management program, including Disaster Recovery, Property and Casualty Insurance Plans, and Contract Review. He was also part of the executive team that selected a new ERP platform (SAP) and was involved in its implementation. Peter managed the annual audit process, as well as annual planning, budgeting, and financial statement review and analysis.


Kevin Grady

Kevin has over 40 years of executive experience in Operations and Financial leadership roles with high-profile entities in an array of sectors. He has extensive international experience and a track record of achieving cutting-edge results in challenging global environments. With time spent living in Japan, China, and Korea as well as extensive experience working in Europe and Latin America, Kevin has worked in the automotive Tier 1, automotive aftermarket, apparel, bio-pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. His areas of expertise include operational and infrastructure realignment that produce improved profitability and cash flow for businesses experiencing a wide variety of stress addressing short and long-term business needs.


Ron Jacobs

Ron has 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneurial senior executive. With a proven skillset in negotiations, he has managed all aspects of several mergers and acquisitions, primarily with small and medium-sized businesses. As CFO/Controller of an international machining manufacturing company, Ron managed all accounting and financial reporting functions while the company sales grew from $35MM to $100MM in three years. He managed a $50 million 100% ESOP restructuring because of a 60% reduction in revenues. Ron built various cash and financial models and presented them to several financial institutions resulting in a favorable financing plan that doubled EBITDA in 18 months. He also successfully presented and moved a $50 million facility during restructuring and 2008-2009 economic downturn. Ron managed all aspects of acquisitions including due diligence with U.S. dealerships as well as dealerships in Mexico City and Guadalajara in both English and Spanish. Additionally, Ron has also led and executed multiple heavy equipment acquisitions in both Texas and Mexico.


Steve Ma

Steve is an international Finance professional with 15 years of experience in the US and Asian markets.  He is proficient in leading initiatives in financial planning and analysis, strategy formulation, budgeting and forecasting, corporate development, and M&A. Steve has experience in team building and collaboration and is an effective motivator and communicator to all stakeholders. He has extensive expertise in Venture Capital and Private Equity and has been rated twice as one of Forbes China’s Top 100 Publicly Traded Small Businesses.


Steve Wolff

Steve has spent more than 25 years as CFO, CEO, and advisor with international, public, private, and private equity-owned companies with revenues ranging from start-up to $30 billion. He has led over 20 transformation, turnaround, and M&A initiatives, has held board chairmanships, and finance and investment committee seats, and served as interim CEO and country general manager. Steve’s industry experience includes healthcare, SaaS, construction, professional services, manufacturing, financial services, human services, and non-profits. He has extensive experience in more than 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His areas of expertise include CEO and board advice, mergers, acquisitions and integration, global business expansion, strategic planning, finance transformations (systems and people), and FP&A. Steve is also proficient in Russian and Spanish.

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