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Do you need the financial leadership that understands the complexities of a tech-based business?  Our CFO Partners have diverse experience in a broad range of SaaS and technology verticals, bringing high-level expertise to provide organizations financial leadership with a strategic and operational focus that improves critical decision-making and fosters growth.

SeatonHill CFOs Deliver Results

  • Clear, complete, and compliant reporting 

  • Forecasting, planning and scenario analysis

  • Key metrics review and benchmarking

  • M&A transaction readiness and execution

  • Capital raises and restructuring

  • High growth execution and infrastructure

  • Revenue recognition/ ASC 606 expertise​

  • Technology specific risk management review

  • Internal control reviews

  • Crisis management

  • Historical financial statement cleanup

  • Private equity and board relationships

  • Industry-specific strategy and governance expertise

  • Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Bookings, revenue​ and sales operations review and guidance

  • Recurring contract management, analysis, and controls

  • Customer acquisition cost/lifetime value analysis and guidance


Thomas A. Fink

Washington DC Office – Youth Sports Software Company: Tom’s career spans over 30 years in executive-level positions for various industries including SaaS, airlines, financial services, professional services, real estate, and investment banking. Tom has led large and small companies, both private and public, through important strategic and transformative stages. He has expertise in international businesses, SaaS business management, managed services, defense contracting, architecture and design, and consulting. Most notably, Tom was a founding board member for a youth sports-focused company that evolved from a marketplace into a SaaS company providing enterprise software. There, he advised on executing a growth-focused business strategy, governance, establishing SaaS KPIs, and acquiring operating capital; guiding the company through several rounds of capital raising and a successful launch. Additionally, Tom has been engaged as a fractional CFO with a software consulting company that evolved into a SaaS business after developing its own software. Here Tom redefined the chart of accounts to support improved SaaS reporting and drove the development of KPIs and dashboards to help his client understand the unit economics of their SaaS business and adjust sales & marketing efforts to drive faster growth and improved bottom line results.


Steve Wolff

Chicago Office – Publicly-traded Biotech Company and Publicly Traded Software and Hardware Manufacturer: Steve has spent more than 25 years as CFO, CEO, and advisor with public, private, and private equity-owned companies with revenues ranging from start-up to $30 billion. He has led over 20 transformation, turnaround, and M&A initiatives, and has held board chairmanships, finance and investment committee seats, and served as interim CEO and country general manager. Steve’s industry experience includes healthcare, SaaS, construction, professional services, manufacturing, financial services, human services, and non-profits. As CFO of a publicly-traded biotech company, he led the business case development and board-level review of a $300M investment in a joint venture to build a commercial demonstration manufacturing facility and served as Treasurer of the joint venture, providing sound cash stewardship and supporting construction completion on time and under budget. As CFO of a publicly-traded software and hardware manufacturer, Steve grew SaaS revenue by 30% through internal investment in new products and acquisitions, led a cross-border acquisition of a $15M software manufacturer, designed financial metrics for product innovation, and drove the implementation of forecasting, analysis, and procure-to-pay systems.


Stuart Robertson

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – Start-up SaaS Company: Stuart has over 25 years of finance and operational experience across multiple industries including SaaS, aerospace/ defense, government contracting, publishing, advertising, and retail. He has extensive experience with private equity-backed firms managing cash and exceeding investor ROI goals, in addition to navigating through acquisitions where he led financial, legal review, and term negotiations. As CFO for a start-up SaaS company that provides AI co-writing and SEO assistance to improve SEO scoring and ranking, Stuart played an integral role in spearheading the firm’s strategic vision and funding efforts, developing and implementing all accounting and financial analysis policies and procedures, in addition to managing the firm’s daily HR, cyber security, and legal functions.

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Gayle Anderson

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – PE-backed SaaS Company and Publicly Traded Online Dating Platform: Gayle is an award-winning CFO with over 30 years of experience specializing in strategic planning, M&A, finance and accounting operations, and systems implementation. Gayle has a broad background in the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit. She has served in executive officer and leadership roles for an array of organizations, including PE-backed companies, technology, SaaS, entertainment and media, Power Management, and Big 4 Accounting. As CFO and Interim CEO for a PE-backed SaaS company, Gayle was responsible for strategic planning, financial forecasting and controls, tax, accounting, human resources, and business intelligence. As interim CEO, she led the company through a major shift in strategic direction, an internal reorganization, and the sale of a business unit, all while maintaining most of the CFO duties. She hired strong business leaders to create the company’s first-ever FP&A team and Business Intelligence team. Within months, she implemented a formal forecasting process, regular KPI reporting, and strong controls over the RFP process that led to improved visibility and accountability throughout the organization. Gayle also created the first-ever formal companywide incentive plan, presented it to the Board, received approval, and rolled it out to the company, increasing employee engagement, morale, and accountability. She implemented the NetSuite ERP system, consolidating 4 separate QuickBooks general ledgers and one instance of Sage into a unified Chart of Accounts in a single system. As Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Global Finance of an online dating platform, Gayle was involved in all strategic decisions including marketing, product, business intelligence, and acquisitions. She closed 5 acquisitions and 1 divestiture within 2 years, 3 of which were complex international transactions. Gayle led due diligence efforts, negotiated deal points, and worked with legal and investment banking representatives on valuation and contractual issues. She divested the European business in exchange for 27% ownership in a publicly traded French company and exercised the option to make a tender offer for remaining shares achieving a 25% return in 2 years. By overhauling the financial planning/ forecasting system, Gayle reduced the budget and long-term planning cycle by 50%.

Brett Beemer SeatonHill Partner

Brett Beemer

Orlando Office – SaaS / Computer Consulting Company: For over 20 years Brett has served a diverse client set where he developed finance teams, maintained procedural excellence, and drove profitability. In addition to for-profit and international organizations, Brett has extensive experience with not-for-profit businesses, helping them to establish proper legal and organizational structures to ensure long-term, scalable success. Brett’s extensive background and skillset include corporate policy standardization, external audit preparation, long-range financial planning, M&A, finance & tax reporting, reserve & investment policy, process improvement, workforce efficiency, global operations, accounting system migration, corporate governance & regulatory compliances, sox standards, ROI analysis, ERP implementation, retail sales tracking, contract negotiation, organizational structure, and human resource & IT executive management. As Global CFO and Head of HR for a computer consulting service, Brett established enterprise accounting practices and regionalized global finance operations, overseeing the company’s migration to the Hyperion financial platform, developing corporate-wide SaaS processes, and instituting policy and procedure changes that resulted in IFRS compliance with revenue recognition. His diligent focus on overall company value increased the company’s acquisition price by 50%, enabling the company to garner $60 million over original expectations.


Jeff Noland

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – Information Technology & Services Company: Jeff is an experienced financial leader with nearly 20 years of experience in senior management and executive roles in technology, real estate, and financial services firms with broad experience in small- to mid-sized companies, startups, private equity sales, and M&A. Jeff’s experience includes extensive work in commercial real estate (acquisitions, development, repositioning, and asset management), technology (data center and enterprise software), financial services (M&A, investment banking, valuation, commercial finance, expert witness services, etc.), and the sale of an industry-leading edge data center real estate company to a top private equity firm in the telecom and data center infrastructure space. As founder and Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of an information technology & services company, Jeff successfully led and closed a $1.5 million seed round to finance the buildout of the first small-footprint data center real estate properties. He also led and closed a $3.0 million Series A financing round to facilitate continued growth in the business, a $5.0 million Series B financing round, and, most notably, a $40.0 million private equity recapitalization of the business. Jeff accomplished the acquisition and full financial/operational integration of a $5.0 million data center engineering and services business, leading all aspects of finance and operations, including data center asset management, capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, investor relations (multiple family office and institutional investors), establishment of key corporate and legal strategies/ frameworks, real estate lease and licensing negotiations, strategic partnerships, channel partnerships, corporate finances, etc. He was also named to the “Finvest 50: The 50 Global Finance Leaders in Data Centres” by Data Economy Magazine.

Susan Echard__edited.jpg

Susan Echard

Phoenix Office – SaaS Company: Susan Echard is a Partner on the Phoenix office team of SeatonHill. She has over 35 years of experience, both domestic and international, within Big Four and CFO roles. Susan has conducted an Initial Public Offering and a Private Placement Offering, playing an integral role in the development of the S-1 Registration Statement, as well as the Investor presentation deck for road show and investor relations presentations. She has also taken the lead in large-scale financing and SEC filings with numerous industry-leading companies. Susan has successfully raised over $250 million in private equity, facilitated over $300 million in credit, and spearheaded two company exits. She led the implementation of ERP, accounting, and tax compliance platforms and created efficient processes that enhanced internal controls in the accounting functions of many organizations through the consolidation of disparate reporting systems and the establishment of effective metrics and KPI reporting. Susan is also highly experienced in HR policy development, including recruiting and onboarding, corporate Insurance policies, employee benefits, and 401(k) programs.  Susan served as the Corporate Controller for a $100 million private equity-backed SaaS developer of endpoint security software. She was responsible for monthly financial statements, annual audits, tax compliance, R&D credits, international country statutory filings, and intercompany transfer pricing agreements. Susan also reorganized accounting functions to integrate with company acquisitions, and streamlined intercompany agreements, banking protocols, and transfer pricing. Susan led the consolidation of 3 accounting systems into 1 platform (Intacct), which redefined GL and streamlined accounting processes. She also implemented an automated tax compliance software platform (Avalara) to resolve sales tax issues, VDAs, and deregistered/registered states. As the Corporate Controller for a leading global provider of SaaS software solutions (purpose-built for consumer goods companies and distributors), Susan was responsible for worldwide accounting, accounts receivable/payable, general ledger, payroll, and financial planning and analysis. She led the acquisition of 2 international software companies in China and Slovakia, streamlined treasury and cash forecasting, and provided weekly/monthly reporting and analysis to the company’s private equity partner. Susan also implemented Concur and Adaptive planning platforms to establish new budgeting and travel and expense processes. Susan was VP and Worldwide Controller for a venture capital-backed $60 million global leader in endpoint security software solutions. She managed entities in the U.S., Luxembourg, UK, APAC, and Ireland. Susan provided financial statements, audits, taxes, statutory filings, third-party accounting, and maintained banking relationships.


Gene Jones

Houston Office – Automotive, Food Manufacturer: For over 35 years Gene has served in various executive roles including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Treasurer, and Controller for public, private equity, venture-funded, and start-up companies. He has a long history of helping firms of all sizes with financial management, IT, human resources, risk management, and technology services. Key verticals served include technology services, manufacturing and distribution, retail, restaurants, law firms, litigation support services, and physician practice management. Areas of focus include companies in transition, especially those challenged by leadership changes or process remediation, and companies in need of emergency funding or fraud detection and investigation. Gene’s extensive experience includes 10 years with KPMG where he managed hundreds of engagements, the implementation of over 40 M&A transactions, and leading the sales process for six different private equity firms. As Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer of a managed IT services company, Gene raised $78 million in capital; and sourced, initiated, completed, and integrated 15 acquisitions. The company was also recognized by the San Jose Business Journal as the sixth fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley.

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Lyle Newkirk

Atlanta Office – SaaS Company, Digital Document Solutions Provider, and Software Developer: Lyle has over 35 years of experience in CFO and executive finance roles. He has worked with public and private companies based both in the US and internationally, where he developed the strategies to achieve significant top-line revenue growth and helped to facilitate various successful acquisitions and strategic exits. He led the financial, internal control, contractual, privacy, and GDPR compliance initiatives for an international expansion that grew a real estate industry SaaS company’s product distribution from 2 to 100+ countries and to 23 languages as well as taking a lead role in an exit to a Fortune 500 company. For a well-known ERP software provider, Lyle managed revenue growth from $19 million to $55 million annually, was instrumental in developing appropriate infrastructure, and took a leading role in the acquisition of a major competitor. For a digital imaging solutions provider, Lyle took the financial lead in a public offering and subsequent sale to a larger competitor, helped to expand business operations internationally, and oversaw annual revenue growth from $8 million to $32 million. Since joining SeatonHill in 2021, Lyle has worked on several SaaS and other technology businesses, focusing on growth strategies, M&A, and infrastructure.


Kip Gordon

Chicago Office – SaaS Company and Advertising Technology Services Firm: Kip is a financial and operations executive with leadership experience spanning multiple functions for high-growth technology, middle-market logistics, and manufacturing organizations. Kip is a creative problem solver and change agent who can move comfortably between strategy/ priority development and operating detail. He has successful Venture Capital-backed technology experience (seed, early-stage, high-growth stage). Kip was the first financial executive for a start-up advertising technology services firm and part of the original leadership team, which scaled to IPO, and then exited via acquisition by a strategic buyer, growing the company from $100,000 in revenue with 7 employees to more than $140M, 400+ employees, and 3 VC rounds en route to $300M market cap IPO. As VP of Business Development, Kip was responsible for landing the first major accounts for this SaaS early-stage digital workflow guidance and operational intelligence platform, playing a significant role in shaping product features to solve client problems and address new markets, and developing key strategic relationships leading to new business opportunities.

Trevithick_Perry_on blue.png

Perry Trevithick

Houston Office – SaaS Company: Perry has earned the distinction of being in the top 2% of CFOs, as certified by Paro. His strengths include scaling profits, cash flow, entrepreneurial acumen, strategic planning and implementation, and building outstanding cultures. Perry has consistently helped companies multiply profits and equity value. Perry has extensive experience with IPOs, M&A, SOX, GAAP, IFRS, and SEC and management reporting. As Fractional CFO for a Software (SaaS) company, Perry increased profits by 300+% and decreased work hours from 80 hours/wk. to 20, assisting the business in planning to sell the company at the maximum price and on their terms.


José G. Catão

New York Office – Health-tech Venture: José is a highly accomplished, senior financial executive with vast expertise in SaaS, strategy, operations, forecasting, FP&A, reporting, M&A, international finance, and treasury. As an experienced CFO, with a demonstrated history of working in fast-moving consumer goods, consumer subscription, health, wellness, and fitness industries. José has an extensive background, with over 3 decades of key leadership experience across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. He brings a strong strategic background with a broad business perspective for dealing effectively with both the big picture and the small details, forging close relationships with team members at all levels, managing multiple tasks, and thriving in complex environments with multiple priorities. José focuses on building a detailed understanding of business models, profit drivers, and operating, and financial risks. He has served as a Fractional CFO and Principal for a health-tech venture offering digital fitness coaching, his leadership led to a successful exit.


Will Baccich

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – SaaS Company & Software Development Company: Will is an experienced financial and operational strategic planner who has served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and acting Chief Financial Officer at multiple privately held mid-size companies. He is passionate about creating a culture of strengths, where team members are positioned to succeed and drive results. Will is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive workplace that values innovation, accountability, and transparency with a focus on results in the form of EBITDA growth and value enhancement. As founder and CEO of a SaaS company specializing in data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions, Will led the company which produced excellent results in growth, profitability, and customer service. From its inception, the company experienced rapid growth, expanding its operations across the United States and Canada, and consistently achieved double-digit revenue growth. Through a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, the company consistently received high customer satisfaction ratings and the leadership team received recognition for its accomplishments in the industry, including being named to the Inc 5000 List for three consecutive years. As acting CFO, Will established processes for monthly financial reporting; cash, working capital, and debt requirements, as well as revenue and earnings projections. He also led the exit strategy and the subsequent sale to a private equity buyer at over 11x EBITDA. As COO of a privately held technology company specializing in software development and consulting services, the company achieved notable financial success under Will’s leadership. The business has been profitable every year since its inception and averaged net profit margins of over 20%, reflecting its ability to effectively manage costs and generate revenue. In addition, a strong financial position with a healthy balance sheet and a low debt-to-equity ratio enabled investments in expansion and growth initiatives.


Brian Alleman

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – Publicly Traded Semiconductor Company & Early-stage Semiconductor Company: Brian is a seasoned financial and operations executive and has served as Chief Financial Officer of numerous publicly traded and private companies. Brian has successfully raised capital, implemented investor relations programs, gained relisting on NASDAQ, achieved significant revenue growth, and returned companies to profitability. Key areas of experience include technology, semiconductors, robotics, commercial printing, medical device, professional services, consumer products, and aerospace industries, with a heavy focus on capital, finance, manufacturing, operations, and supply chain. He has also served on the boards of directors for five public companies. As CFO for a publicly traded semiconductor company, Brian completed a $16 million capital raise, closed a $10 million purchase of a German business, and completed the sale of a subsidiary for approximately $2 million. He also led the integration effort for the German business and restructured the approach to working with contract manufacturers. This significantly improved working capital turns and ultimately achieved relisting on the NASDAQ. As CFO for an early-stage designer and producer of power semiconductor chips, Brian worked with the CEO to raise nearly $20 million of new capital, established accounting policies and procedures, developed financial projection models, and successfully completed the company’s first independent audit.


Shyamal Parikh

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – Med Tech Company & Publicly Traded Semiconductor Company: Shyamal is a highly accomplished financial executive with a strong history of directing fiscal activities in organizations from start-up to $16B in revenue. He has experience in Private Equity, Private and Publicly held companies in a variety of sectors. Shyamal is adept at implementing strategies, improving efficiency, M&A, and data analytics with a solid track record in problem-solving and implementing effective solutions to achieve desired results. He has extensive international experience and currently sits on the board of a Credit Union. As CFO of a start-up med tech company, Shyamal completed an IPO readiness and assessment. He also completed a PCAOB quality audit for 2 years and implemented a new ERP system. As Vice President of FP&A for a publicly traded semiconductor company, Shyamal ran the planning and analysis function during the worst recession in the semiconductor industry. He developed sophisticated tools to ensure costs were in line with revenue and that market expectations were met (unlike competition, no significant asset write-offs or write-downs). Shyamal was instrumental in the implementation of SAP in 35 countries simultaneously. He also designed and implemented a shared services organization, reducing accounting transaction costs by over $1M annually. Shyamal also led a team that achieved $5M in cost and productivity improvements, increasing the competitiveness of their Philippines facility.


Matt Cassell

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – Medical Technology Company: Matt is a versatile, analytical, and entrepreneurial executive with workout, turnaround, acquisition, start-up, private equity, small business, and public company ($1.1 billion NYSE CFO) experience. He has expertise in financial modeling, reporting, planning, and analysis. He also has a broad range of industry experience including technology health care, insurance, distribution, transportation, and food.  Matt also served as CFO for a medical technology company.

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