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SeatonHill provides outsourced, strategic CFO talent to organizations of all sizes, including start-up and non-profits. Our curated network of battle-tested, CFO Partners guide organizations through a myriad of unique challenges, leading them to optimize opportunities and drive results through an array of customizable services and solutions.

Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO Services

A Fractional CFO from SeatonHill provides all the expertise, guidance, skills, and strategic wisdom of a full-time CFO while taking on the role fractionally as the Chief Financial Officer in an organization. This part-time leadership model (20-80%) is appropriate when experience cannot be compromised, but full-time dedication is not necessary or affordable. This type of engagement can be in-person, virtual or hybrid.

A Fractional SeatonHill CFO can optimize your financial strategy, guide your company through challenges, foster short and long-term growth, coordinate raising capital, increase value for stakeholders, and lead your business to sustainable success.  Our elite, curated CFOs possess outstanding experience and skillsets to make an immediate impact and add long-term value, including:

  • Implement and/or improve sound financial reporting

  • Optimize operations for growth

  • Provide long and short term forecasting

  • Provide financial strategic planning

  • Assist in capital raises

  • Identify, improve, and resolve cash flow issues

Interim CFO

Interim CFO Services

A SeatonHill Interim CFO is a seasoned finance executive who takes on the role of CFO full-time for any duration of time a company needs. This can be anywhere from months to years.* Our CFOs bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help to stabilize finances, improve financial reporting, and provide financial leadership in any business situation. 


Our Interim CFOs can work in all transitional situations, including, but not limited to, the duration while a company is searching for a permanent CFO.  Our services are flexible and do not need an established end date. 


During a CFO search, a SeatonHill Interim CFO ensures a smooth transition for the new CFO, being a trusted resource and advisor during the hiring process, assisting in finding the right individual, and paving the way for their ultimate success.


A SeatonHill Interim CFO can help with:

  • Guiding your company through challenges

  • Facilitating strategic planning

  • Preparing your company for growth

  • Executing transactions

  • Raising capital

  • Providing financial forecasting

  • Implementing financial reporting systems and processes

  • Negotiating contracts

  • Assisting start-ups

  • Organizational design

  • Technology architecture

  • Finance operating model design

  • Shared Service Organization (SSO)

  • Global Business Services (GBS)

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Hiring and onboarding of a permanent CFO


This type of engagement can be in-person, virtual or hybrid.

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CFO Services

When unique or critical needs arise, a SeatonHill CFO can consult on a project basis  as a situational leader & advisor. This leadership or advice can be supplemental to or in lieu of the leadership of an incumbent CFO. This custom solution can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid and provide CFO talent for:

  • Financial and operational assessments

  • Buy-side due diligence

  • Sell-side representation

  • Focused mentoring

  • Leadership and/or guidance
    on critical financial initiatives

  • Financial modeling

  • Financing transactions

  • Accounting clean up

  • Financial reporting

  • Business models & pricing strategies

  • Business plan development

  • Assessments

  • Financial strategy development

Project Based

Advisory Services

SeatonHill Advisory Services are available when a CEO, business founder, owner, or board needs to tap into a strategic Chief Financial Officer’s decades of experience for guidance, relying on them as a trusted advisor and mentor.


Our strategic CFOs can guide companies through complex business situations and find superior solutions that would otherwise not be envisioned or executed. 

Specialized CFO
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Does Your Company Need a SeatonHill CFO?

When a business is in the thick of day-to-day operations just to keep things running, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees, let alone determine and make necessary changes for improvements. SeatonHill has a network of battle-tested CFOs with specialized talent in a broad range of crucial business areas and unique skillsets that provide companies with sound solutions for success. There are a multitude of reasons for a business to use SeatonHill’s services, some of the common ones include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Private Equity (PE)

  • Turnaround & Restructuring (T&R)

  • Banking and capital

  • Custom financial leadership needs

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

  • Cleaning up historical accounting

  • Financial modeling

  • 10-K reporting

  • Going public

* 2.8 years in is the median tenure of when CFO professionals in the top 15 cites that have the most CFOs with 12-30 years of experience are likely to switch jobs per LinkedIn Insight report pulled March 2023. 

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