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Let the Strength in Our Numbers Enable the Strength in Your Numbers

We understand that to drive your business forward, you need to make mission-critical decisions that outpace the competition. But in business, speed requires clarity. Our seasoned experts will ensure your approach is detailed, rational, and most importantly, strategic.  We believe there is "Strength in Numbers" both literally and figuratively.  Our talent pool averages 30+ years of experience, serving hundreds of organizations with powerful networks and resources.  Allow our experts to gather and interpret data and provide visibility to the key performance indicators that drive and sustain competitive advantage for your organization.  Allow us to guide your organization in the best practices for your industry, and enable value creation.  Allow us to ensure the strength in our numbers ensures the strength in yours.

Whether we are rolling up our sleeves to work on site as a member of your leadership team, or working to solve a specific business or financial need, you can expect the unrivaled reliability, leading-edge methods, and attention to detail only SeatonHill can offer.

Our highly credentialed CFOs and MBAs bring an average of 30+ years of business and financial leadership experience with some of the most significant and impactful companies in the world.


  • The backing of a national firm to augment your team and support rapid growth

  • Strategic guidance to restructure capital, functions, or staff

  • Informed and objective thinking and insights to guide decision-making

SeatonHill Partners represent the top echelon of CFO talent. Together, we provide a complete range of CFO services for your needs and organizational structure.

  • Finance Organization Leadership

  • Project-based Advisory Services

Where Legacy Meets Entrepreneurship

In the heart of our name lies a tale of resilience, determination, and the indomitable spirit of one extraordinary woman – Mary Abigail Seaton. Her story, a testament to the entrepreneurs and business leaders we proudly serve, serves as the foundation for our firm's unwavering commitment to empowering your success.

In 1690, Mary Abigail Seaton embarked on a courageous journey, leaving behind her homeland of London to seek a new life in America. With boundless ambition and unwavering determination, she and her husband settled on Fisher's Island, where they nurtured the land and their dreams. However, fate had a different plan in store for them.

The notorious Captain Kidd and his band of marauding pirates wreaked havoc upon their peaceful existence, forcing them to abandon their island sanctuary. Undeterred by adversity, Mary and her husband relocated to the mainland, finding solace on the majestic Fort Hill in Groton, Connecticut. It was here that Mary's unwavering spirit truly shone.

Tragedy struck when Mary's beloved husband passed away a mere thirteen years after their marriage. Left with seven children and a daunting inheritance to manage, Mary defied societal norms of the time. She embraced her role as a leader, nurturing her family while fearlessly navigating the challenges that came her way. With each passing day, she exemplified unwavering loyalty, relentless work ethic, and a fearless determination to succeed.

Mary's remarkable journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for SeatonHill Partners. We honor her memory and pay homage to her enduring legacy by emulating the very qualities that made her extraordinary. Our name, SeatonHill, stands as a tribute to the visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders we have the privilege of serving.

Just as Mary fearlessly faced the unknown, we empower you to seize opportunities and conquer challenges. Our team embodies the spirit of independence, self-reliance, and resilience that defined Mary's character. We embrace the same relentless pursuit of success that inspired her to defy conventions and overcome obstacles.

At SeatonHill Partners, we understand that entrepreneurship is more than just a title – it's a way of life. We are your unwavering allies, guiding you through the ever-changing landscape of business, providing expertise, insights, and unwavering support at every turn. Together, we'll climb the metaphorical hills, conquer new frontiers, and build legacies that will stand the test of time.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we combine the timeless wisdom of Mary Abigail Seaton with the boundless potential of today's entrepreneurs. Together, we'll create a future that honors the past while forging new paths to success.

SeatonHill Partners – Where Legacy Meets Entrepreneurship.

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SeatonHill Partners is the fastest-growing strategic CFO services firm in the nation, solving common to complex financial problems that create risk to survival and growth for thousands of small/medium-sized businesses. Meet the leadership.

Our partners have deep experience across multiple industries, and can quickly integrate into your organization to provide the insights you need to succeed in today's marketplace.

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