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Case Study
sident & CFO
Aerospace Manufacturer

A manufacturing company in the aerospace ground equipment market with $10- $15 million in revenue filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.


Turnaround & Restructuring Initiatives

  • The company operated a niche business manufacturing precision weight & balance equipment for the aerospace industry.

  • The company was very profitable, generating 25% to 30% EBITDA annually.

  • Due to litigation resulting in a judgment against the company, management decided to reorganize through Chapter 11.

An executive was brought in post-filing to serve as President & CFO and executed the following initiatives.

  • Rebuilt accounting processes to provide consistency, accuracy, and integrity in financial reporting.

  • Developed rolling cash flow forecasts by week.

  • Managed all reporting to the court.

  • Worked with bankruptcy counsel to develop the Plan of Reorganization.

  • Provided expert testimony supporting the company’s financial capabilities and feasibility of the Plan.

  • Led discussions with creditors to seek approval of the Plan.

  • Worked with counsel to settle with and gain support of the Plan from the largest creditor, which held a judgment against the company.

  • Provided all documentation and certifications to satisfy court requests and successfully exit bankruptcy.


  • The Plan of Reorganization achieved a 100% payout to both secured and unsecured creditors.

  • The Company survived bankruptcy and grew to be an industry leader and major supplier to the aerospace and airline industries as well as the U.S. military.

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