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6 Tips A Good CFO Should Offer Business Owners Seeking An Exit

By: Shyamal Parikh

Selling a business can be a complex and emotionally charged process for any business owner. Whether they are retiring, pursuing a new venture, or simply ready to move on, preparing a business for sale is crucial to maximizing its value and ensuring a smooth transition.

Introducing a seasoned CFO into this process as early as possible, ideally five to seven years prior to the transaction, is pivotal in guiding and positioning the company for a successful sale. Here are six things my Partners and I at SeatonHill Partners, a CFO services firm, advise business owners to do in preparation for the sale.



SeatonHill provides organizations financial leadership with a strategic and operational focus by placing elite CFO talent to challenge the business and contribute to operational decisions to achieve results. With our curated talent, our financial leaders guide small and medium sized businesses through complex financial problems to mitigate risk and achieve organizational goals.

We are the fastest-growing CFO services firm in the nation, offering the power of combined thought leadership and the support of the country’s top financial talent to the benefit of all our clients. SeatonHill has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

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